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  1. Daniel


    I’m interested in creating a hexpod for computer vision experiments but i have no experience with robots.

    Do you have any resources to get started?



    1. admin Post author

      Awesome. There are of course tons of resources online. I found the guys at forums.trossenrobotics.com very helpful. In addition to the Trossen products there is a lot of activity with other hardware. Computer vision will require some umph so you might also want to check out some Raspberry Pi or other SBC resources for integrating linux with your hardware. Good luck!

  2. Jeremy


    Your work is incredible !!! I made hexapod like yours since I have seen your website.
    I use an Arduino Mega with your program and everything works fine. Except that I have not yet integrated my PS2 controller but it will be soon. For now I play on the code to test the robot’s movements.
    I can not see the video B.E.T.H. because it marks “Private Video”.
    Would it be possible to have some informations by email for some details please ?

    Kind regards,

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Jeremy, Thanks! I’m glad its working. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll make sure the videos are up and public. Sure, feel free to email if you need more info. I just added a link in the About section.

  3. Emmanuel

    Hi Dan !

    First of all, awesome job on your hexapod ! the software is very nice and the hexapod gaits look good !
    I just finish assembling my hexapod (http://anim4bot.com/2015/11/04/animabot-rev2-final-assembly/)
    So now I’m in the software phase 🙂 and I found your great IK tutorial 🙂
    After reading you code, I have one question regarding the Body Dimensions :

    const int X_COXA = 120; // MM between front and back legs /2
    const int Y_COXA_FB = 60; // MM between front/back legs /2
    const int Y_COXA_M = 100; // MM between two middle legs /2
    const float COXA_ANGLE = M_PI_4; //45deg; // Angle of coxa from straight forward (deg)

    I know it’s in mm, but from where to where ? distance between each rotation axis of the coxa servo ? or the distance between the center on the body and the rotation axis of the coxa servo ?

    Do you have any future plans for B.E.T.H ?


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