M3 Updates for Spring 2016

I’m getting really bad about documenting what i’m doing and even updating the blog. But here’s a brief recap of what went on over the winter:

  • Oiling System
  • Power Steering System
    • New reservoir and hoses. Used a custom hose for the reservoir to cooling trumpet to eliminate the weak factory crimp connection
  • New shocks/struts/springs
    • TCKline DA shocks/struts with 450/500# springs
    • I got these used for a pretty good deal and had them rebuilt
  • Front subframe reinforcements installed
  • Cooling System
    • New thermostat and housing
    • New S54 Z3M radiator
    • Spal electric fan
    • Custom ducting
  • New belt tensioner (converted to hydraulic) and belt
  • Deleted all A/C components, washer, other misc bits
  • Thinned wiring harness to remove unneeded wiring


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