Digital Dashboard – GPS

Another thing that i like about the EA LPC4088 board is that it has Xbee formfactor headers on it. EA also makes a GPS accessory that plugs into using the popular PA6H module so there is lots of community support out there for it.

The unit itself is pretty slick and has a 10hz update rate which is helpful for tracking high speed things like race cars. The device talks over a UART using standard NMEA protocol so there are plenty of parsing libraries out there. I literally had this running in a couple hours.

I also soldered on a UFL connector and attached an active external antenna. It has a magnet mount which will work well on the roof of the car.


The precision shown on the display is only enough to get you in my  general metro area. The data logger logs six decimal places of info which is more meaningful for tracking a car on track.

This hasn’t yet left my house. I’m super eager to actually drive around with this and see how the data looks. I’m hoping it doesn’t require too elaborate of filtering.

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