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Project M3

Well a lot has happened in the six months since i last posted anything about cars. Last fall I sold the GTI. It was a good car and consistently exceeded my expectations both on and off track. Despite VW’s somewhat tarnished reputation for reliability, it never so much as hiccup’ed, even running an extra 100ftlbs of torque and 75 additional horsepower on track.

However the track bug was coming back with a vengeance and I knew i should get something older, cheaper, with more track/race support going forward. I decided on an E36 M3. Since I’ve owned one before, I know them well. They have tremendous aftermarket race tech/support and a great community. I was even running BMWCCA track events in the GTI!

Previously, i had a sedan, but this time i wanted a coupe. There isn’t a performance difference, but the larger coupe doors make getting in and out easier with race seats easier for a tall guy like me. Alpine White is the only color a BMW should be in my opinion and a black interior would be ideal.

It took me over six months to find the right car, but I finally did. And lucky enough, it was a local car and BMWCCA-Boston club member.

1997 BMW M3

1997 BMW M3

It’s a southern car brought up here by the previous owner as a weekend/track car. It’s lived a comfy life and is really clean. It came with a great maintenance/mod history. The previous owner definitely loved this car.

In my next post, I’ll go over where the car stands, what I’ve done recently, and what my goals for the car are.