Monthly Archives: August 2013

Videos of B.E.T.H.!

I’ve been really slack about ironing out the last few bugs and taking some video of B.E.T.H. in action… But here it is! Some of the movements are a little erratic, but that’s because i’m filming with one hand while controlling the dual joystick controller with the other.

Here is a body forward kinematics demo. Here you can see that i can input body angles via the controller and the legs move as necessary to allow the body rotation without moving the feet.

Next is the tripod gait. This is a simple and fast gait in which two sets of three legs forming a triangle move alternately.

This is a wave gait. The wave gait is slow and moves only one foot at a time. The rest of the legs have to pull backwards in unison.

Finally, we have my favorite, the ripple gait. Two legs move at a time with one leg beginning to step as the other hits it’s peak height in the step. Because two legs move at once, its faster than the wave gait, but slower than the tripod.

For more info on gaits, here is a good article from Oricom Tech. My final code used here is available on my GitHub.

For more info on B.E.T.H., head back to the beginning.